DBV Banknote validator for outdoor operation

Product description

DBV validates banknotes up to 78 mm width in only 2 seconds. The robust design, an increased processing speed and state-of-the-art sensor technology makes the DBV the best choice for a wide range of automated payment applications. The performance can be even improved applying the special version DBV 500 with the automatic centering mechanism. Illuminated bezels, various supported vending protocols and a sleep mode feature supported as standard makes the DBV validator the perfect choice for solar, battery and low-power operated terminals in harsh environments.


  • Outdoor operation
  • Stacker down (SD)- or upwards (SU)
  • Illuminated vending bezels
  • Data files for more than 60 currencies 

Product enquiry

  • add_circle_outline Properties

    Reliability and security

    • Built-In anti-fishing protection
    • Approved for extreme temperatures (-15°C und +60°C)
    • Suitable for high humidity conditions up to 90% RH (non-condensed)

    Easy Handling / Programming 

    • Individual banknote inhibit
    • Multi-interface (pulse/serial), supported protocols (MDB, ID-003, USB, Vend Serial)
    • High-Speed Data-file updates via inbuilt USB-programming-interface
    • Self-diagnostics
  • add_circle_outline Specifications

    Standard version (basic features)

    • Acceptance rate: 98% or higher
    • Banknote insertion width: 60 – 72 mm, length: 110 – 160 mm
    • Validation speed: approx. 2 seconds
    • Escrow: 1 banknote
    • Multi-interface: pulse/ serial (protocols: MDB, ID-003, USB, Vend Serial)
    • Current consumption: 700 mA in operation with 12 V DC (±5%)
    • Operation temperature: -15°C to +60°C
    • Operating humidity: max. 90% RH (non-condensed)

    Options include

    • Different Vending bezels
    • 3 cash box sizes (S=300, M=500 oder L=1000 banknotes)
    • Cashbox lock
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