F53/56/510 High-speed banknote dispenser

Product description

F53/56/510 are compact banknote dispensers with a modular design concept. They feature up to 7 lockable cassettes to dispense up to 7 banknotes per second. A high variety of models and various options include makes these dispenser perfect for all types of self-pay applications.


  • Dispensing speed up to 7 Banknotes per second
  • Modular design
  • Baseplate-mounting (front or rear access cassettes)
  • Spray-, semi-bunch or bulk dispensing

Product enquiry

  • add_circle_outline Properties

    Reliability and security

    • Capture Box
    • Security Reject Tray
    • Front or rear access cassettes with optional lock
    • Bill low sensor

    Easy Handling / Programming

    • Presenter with spray-, semi-bunch or bulk dispensing
  • add_circle_outline Specifications

    Standard version (basic features)

    • Banknote dispense width: 60 – 82 mm, length: 120 – 172 mm
    • Validation speed: 2-7 banknotes per second (depending on the chosen model)
    • Security Reject Tray (option)
    • Serial interface (D-Level-protocol)
    • Current consumption: 4 A in operation with 24 V DC (±5%)
    • Operation temperature: 0°C to +40°C
    • Operating humidity: max. 85% RH (non-condensed)

    Options include

    • Electronic Shutter
    • Presenter for bulk dispense up to 20 banknotes
    • Lockable Security Reject Tray
    • 3 cassette types (S=500, L=1000 oder XL=3000 banknotes)

Relevant Markets F53/56/510 High-speed banknote dispenser


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