iPRO-RC Universal-banknote recycler

Product description

iPRO-RC is a compact 2-denominations recycling system with two recycler boxes - each for up to 10 banknotes – and one cash box. Banknotes and barcode tickets up to 85 mm width and 165 mm length are validated and stacked applying the most sophisticated sensing and anti-stringing packages ever created. High-precision optical red-/green-/IR-/UV-sensors, one magnetic and one barcode sensor are sealed and protected against dust and liquid. Within 4 seconds banknotes are validated and stacked to the lockable cashbox applying 4 separate transport belt-motors. iPRO is the most secure and flexible way to increase profitability of all automatic cash-handling-applications.


  • Compact 2-denominations banknote recycling
  • Automatic centering mechanism
  • Barcode ticket scanner
  • Illuminated bezels

Product enquiry

  • add_circle_outline Properties

    Reliability and security

    • Automatic centering mechanism
    • Built-In anti-fishing protection
    • Sealed sensors
    • Hassle-free accessibility to all retrofittable parts
    • Automatic or manual refill of the two recycler boxes
    • Cash box and both recycler boxes with inbuilt locks

    Easy Handling / Programming

    • Individual banknote inhibit
    • Serial interface, supported protocols ccTalk, ID-003
    • Optional ccTalk-encryption
    • High-Speed Data-file updates via inbuilt USB-programming-interface
    • Self-diagnostics
  • add_circle_outline Specifications

    Standard version (basic features)

    • Acceptance rate: 98% or higher
    • Banknote insertion width: 62 – 85 mm, length: 120 – 165 mm
    • Validation speed: approx. 2 seconds
    • Dispensing speed: approx. 3 seconds
    • Escrow: 1 banknote
    • Serial interface, supported protocols ccTalk, ID-003,
    • Current consumption: 1,5 A in operation with 24 V DC (±5%)
    • Operation temperature: +5°C to +50°C
    • Operating humidity: max. 85% RH (non-condensed)

    Options include

    • 2 cash box sizes (S=400 oder L=1000 banknotes)
    • Optional intelligent cash box with inbuilt RFID-chip
    • Multi-currency data file
    • Various illuminated plastic and steel vending bezels 
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