Coin feeder
CIS 100/CIF 100

Product description

The purpose of the coin separation system is the automatic handling of coins in cashier systems in retail applications. The coin insertion system CIS 100 incorporates a collecting pan in which the customer may drop an arbitrarily mixture of coins. The CIS 100 separates the coins and feeds them to the coin validation system consisting of the coin selector frame CIF 100, the electronic coin selector EMP 895 and the electronic motor reject EMR 100.


Coin separation system consisting of:

  • CIS 100 coin insertion system with motorized opening
  • CIF 100 coin selector frame with intermediate coin storage
  • EMP 895 electronic coin selector
  • EMR 100 electronic motor reject

Product enquiry

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    Technical Data

    • The components are controlled via the ccTalk interface.
    • Dimensions: 204 mm x 219.4 mm x 166 mm height x width x depth
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Relevant Markets Coin feeder
CIS 100/CIF 100



For automatic coin processing in retail industry, a compact coin feeder has been developed, which separates and validates coins inserted in bulk into a bowl.

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