Electronic coin selector
EMP 800 v7

Product description

A new innovative measuring system has been developed for the electronic coin selector EMP 800 v7 series to ensure highest coin acceptance rates and an optimum rejection of counterfeits. For the first time an optional rim detection can be provided for this small sized coin selector. This allows considering the rim of a coin as an additional testing parameter. For international markets datasets for more than 100 different currencies are available. New front plates compliment the design of your coin-operated machines. This also ensures a better protection against vandalism.


  • With new front plate design
  • Datasets for more than 100 currencies
  • New sensor for rim detection optional

Product enquiry

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    The EMP 800 series coin selectors can be found in a wide variety of applications from small office coffee machines, gaming and amusement machines, retail applications, internet and betting terminals, car wash equipment to sophisticated battery operated ticket machines for outdoor operation.

    To suit gaming applications serial protocols such as ccTalk, ccTalk encrypted and ccTalk according to the "Italian gaming machine act" have been implemented. A super fast, 48 MHz microprocessor is the centre piece of the EMP 800 product generation v7. Enhanced features set new security standards and offer coin selector technology that meets the most stringent requirements.


    Due to a fast processing speed a considerable high efficiency of coin recognition rules can be achieved, thus enabling a reliable coin separation. Each and every single coin selector is subject to stringent testing before leaving our factory. This corresponds to the highest demands we place on the quality of our products.


    Features such as coin-on-a-string and coin jam surveillance underline utmost security. Furthermore a specifically developed technology for bi-colour coins is included – a feature necessary for Euro coins and other currencies.

    Modular Design

    A range of options allows the customer to choose the configuration that best matches the requirements of the application. Ancillary products, such as sorters and frames, further compliment our range around the coin selectors.

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    Standard version (basic features)

    coin acceptance: 32 active channels, up to 16 different coins or tokens

    standard temperature range: +10°C to +70°C

    body dimensions height x width x depth: 104 x 53 x 93.5 mm (excluding front plate)

    supply voltage: 10 to 26 volts DC


    • /B battery operation with inductive sensor
    • /E extended humidity and temperature range -20°C to +70°C, humidity classification: E/D
    • /I inventory impulse
    • /O individual coin blocking via parallel output lines
    • /X control for external sorting flaps



    • EMP 8x0.00 v7, 6 parallel outputs
    • EMP 8x0.04 v7, binary coded outputs

    1 price totalizer parallel

    • EMP 8x0.06 v7, 1-price stepper


    • EMP 8×0.13 v6, ccTalk-protocol
    • EMP 8x0.17, MDB-protocol
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EMP 800 v7

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