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CCT 910

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The CCT 910 connects all payment devices easily to any PC application thus offering a universal platform for all Kiosks and PC based amusement machines.


All common ccTalk devices (e.g. coin selectors, bill validators and hoppers) can be plugged to the board and are connected via an USB interface directly to the PC. Also other components such as MDB change givers or various peripheral components (e.g. electronic anti pin systems, motor escrows, electronic motor rejects) can be easily integrated via this board.


Compared to the CCT 900 the CCT 910 provides additionally ccTalk- and two RS 232 connectors, as well as 8 in- and outputs each for sensors and actuators (e.g. motors, solenoids and lamps). In the past a considerable development effort was required to implement the various proprietary systems and to integrate the single components into the software application. By means of the CCT 910 this is not necessary anymore. A .NET 1.1 class library and Linux ccTalk SDK is available for easy implementation of the single components.


  • common ccTalk devices can be plugged to the board and are connected via an USB interface directly to the PC

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    Technical Data

    • Dimensions 71 x 150 mm


    • CCT 910.S ccTalk Hub with USB interface with two RS 232 interfaces
    • CCT 910.A ccTalk Hub with USB interface, with an additional relay
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CCT 910

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