A family-run company. With long industry experience.

The company

wh Münzprüfer Dietmar Trenner GmbH specializes in development, production and sales of electronic and mechanical coin selectors as well as mechanical components and devices.  Payment with coins, NFC-key or via mobile phone in one device is offered by the new solution EMP 500 v7/CLB.

Also in times of electronics the reliable and robust mechanical coin selectors find their customers in all different kind of markets. Modular design and the possibility to adjust the selectors to almost all coins or tokens ensure a worldwide market. With our own tooling factory inside our premisis we are in the position to react fast and flexible to special customer requirements or individual solutions. wh Münzprüfer can look back on decades of experience in coin handling. The founder of the company was among the pioneers of coin selector manufacturing when he established the company in 1925. In the late 50s his nephew Dietmar Trenner started to work for the company and later managed the business until 2012 when his son Christian Trenner took over. The initials of the founder are still to be found in the company's name.



Mechanical coin selectors, electronic coin selectors as a direct alternative to mechanical systems and tokens are amongst the product range of wh Münzprüfer Dietmar Trenner GmbH. The product range is completed by stepper/timer boards as well as user-friendly displays.


Our coin validators are used in nearly every country and across all markets, in which coins are used as a form of payment in machines. The necessary high verification reliability is ensured thanks to a wide variant selection and flexible measurement and security technology despite the use of products in different...


A series of eight Euro coins (Euro and Cent) replaces the national coins of many EEC member countries since 01 January 2002. Unlike the proposed bank notes, these coins have marked differences in their appearance. The obverse of all coins displays a common European theme showing the value of the coin whilst the face...