Vending machine module
BLK 200

Product description

The BLK 200 vending machine module offers a simple way of enabling cashless payments at vending machines and also achieving a high level of customer loyalty. The module was developed for more flexibility and for more convenient use for customers and operators of e.g. laundromats or campsites. Android and iOS supported mobile devices with Bluetooth technology and mobile network can be used.

The advantages are:

  • Cashless payment with app or NFC key
  • Customer retention: - Vouchers - Discounts
  • Various methods for setting prices:
    • Machine sets the cycle price (serial interface)
    • User sets the price in the app (not for RFID keys)
    • Operator sets the price on the device
  • Intuitive app for smartphones (Android and iOS)
  • Direct cash flow from the customer to the operator
  • Convenient backend solution for all operators

The BLK 200 offers various interfaces for connection to the machine. In addition to serial protocols (e.g. MDB), various parallel interfaces are available. The electrical connections of the BLK 200 are identical to the connections of electronic coin selectors to enable use in existing machines with minor technical changes. The app payments allow for flexible pricing. When paying with an RFID key, the price is fixed. This fixed price can also be paid with the app.


  • Cashless payment solution with app via Bluetooth and/or NFC key
  • Simple operation via wh Münzprüfer "cashless laundry" app
  • Supports PayPal and credit card payments
  • Compatible interfaces to various coin validators

Product enquiry

  • add_circle_outline Specifications

    • Two output signals, serial interface, open collector or optocoupler
    • Output pulses 1 ms (± 2%) to 65 seconds and pulse/pause interval programmable
    • Voltage 10 to 28 volts DC
    • Power consumption 100mA
    • Operating temperature +10°C to +70°C
    • Humidity annual average ≤ 65% maximum 60 days per year 85%

    Dimensions (Height / Width / Depth):  81.2mm / 74.2mm / 18.5mm


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BLK 200



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