Electronic coin selector
EMP 500 v7 / CLB

Product description

Multiple payment methods in one device. The EMP 500 v7 / CLB coin selector accepts coins and cashless payments. Developed to be more flexible and to make laundrettes more convenient for users and operators. Supported by Android and IOS application for mobile devices with Bluetooth technology and mobile network.

Machines equipped with an EMP 500 coin selector can be converted to an EMP 500 / CLB without any problem. No modification of the laundry machine is required. When retrofitting, app payments allow flexible pricing. Payment with RFID-key has a fixed pricing, This fixed price can then also be payed via app payment.

Further benfits are:

  • Customer retention with vouchers or loyalty programmes
  • Various methods to set price
  • Intuitive app for smartphones (Android and iOS)
  • Direct flow of funds from customer to operator
  • Laser labelled front plates and accessories for OEM or operator available




Product enquiry

  • add_circle_outline Specifications

    coin acceptance: 32 coin channels, 16 master respectively 16 slave channels
    output signals: two coin output signals, serial interface, open collector, opto-coupler or solid state relays
    output: pulse length 1 ms (±2%) to 65 seconds and pulse/pause interval programmable
    supply voltage: 8 to 30 volts DC, 12 to 24 volts AC
    operation temperature: +10°C to +70°C
    humidity classification: annual average ≤ 65% relative humidity, maximum 60 days per year 85% relative humidity, no condensation

    Set up requirement of CLB Android mobile device with NFC technology.

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Product example

Pay via App with "wh cashless"

wh cashless app from wh Münzprüfer Dietmar Trenner GmbH offers customers -- specifically from launderettes – to pay by using their mobile phone. It is supported for Android and IOS applications for mobile devices with Bluetooth technology and mobile network.


Relevant Markets Electronic coin selector
EMP 500 v7 / CLB


Washing and drying machines

For coin operated laundry coin selectors out of a variety of the W Universal and W 6000 series or electronic coin selector EMP 500 can be chosen. The EMP 500 is available with different interfaces for direct...

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