Mechanical coin selector
W 6000

Product description

An optimum performance combined with a minimum mounting height are characteristics of the mechanical coin selector W 6000. This selector is suitable for all machines accepting coins/tokens up to 30 mm diameter and 3.5 mm thickness. A modular design will match your application for any host machine. A variety of frontplates, opto couplers, micro switches, magnetic slot locking mechanisms are available and can be combined according to individual requests. A special version for kiddy rides completes the range of products


  • Compact design
  • Stable and reliable
  • For all coins and tokens up to 30 mm in diameter
  • For over 100 currencies

Product enquiry

  • add_circle_outline Specifications

    Front plates for single coin selectors
    length x width (mm)

    F68.31 88.6 x 100.8
    F70 95.3 x 57 with threaded bolts
    F77.1 103.1 x 104.9
    F2 107 x 40
    F12.1 114.5 x 84
    F3 117 x 60
    F10 117 x 86.5
    F4.2 129 x 52
    F6.1 150 x 50
    F57.1 155 x 63

    Front plates for dual coin selectors
    length x width (mm)

    F69.2 88.6 x 100.8
    F79.1 103.1 x 104.9
    F12.2 114.5 x 84
    F42 117 x 86.5


    W6000 = W 6000 coin selector
    i = Optical switch
    S = Micro switch
    M1.1 = Electromagnetic slot locking device, normally closed

    Voltage: 24, 115 or 230 volts AC, 12 or 24 Volt DC

    Example for ordering

    F3-W6000-S12-M1.1 230 volts AC for 50 Cents:
    Coin selector W 6000 with front plate, 117 x 60 mm, with micro switch, electromagnetic slotlocking for 230 volts AC, normally closed for acceptance of 1 x 0,50 Euro.

Product example


Relevant Markets Mechanical coin selector
W 6000


Washing and drying machines

For coin operated laundry coin selectors out of a variety of the W Universal and W 6000 series or electronic coin selector EMP 500 can be chosen. The EMP 500 is available with different interfaces for direct...

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[Translate to Englisch:] Münzprüfer für Spiel- und Unterhaltungsautomaten add

Amusement machines

Coin selectors W Universal and W 6000 offer a secure and robust coin acceptance for kiddy rides, billiard tables or any other amusement machine accepting one or two coins or tokens. For kicker tables a special...

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Vending machines add

Vending machines

For basic vending machines or mechanically operated machines coin selectors in different versions and for almost all coins or tokens can be supplied. Stepper and timer boards for price or time vending complete...

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For coin operated machines working under harsh conditions mechanical coin selectors offer a reliable and robust alternative. Stepper boards and user friendly displays complete this range of products.

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